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Ransel Buku is an educational project that brings environmental education through books reading, led group discussions and games to children at river bank villages in Central Kalimantan. This project runs by the support of village elders, parents, fellow volunteers, professional photographer David Metcalf, donors and others who believe that it is the responsibility of everybody to support access to education for better future.

Education is a fundamental human right and essential in promoting empowerment so one can reach his full potential. However there are still many children who are deprived from access to education, often as a result of poverty. Remote river side villages in Central Kalimantan are some of many look alike around the globe. Amongst the many issues, these places are geographically challenged, have poor infrastructure; low human resources; not to mention limited access to good quality books.

In Ransel Buku we believe that through good quality books, dreams of change for the better future can be nurtured. We have been bringing this service to more than 500 children around the area since 2009. We successfully built our first community learning centre & first child friendly library at Kelurahan Petuk Katimpun in May 2016. We are supporting children to continue their education to high schools through our scholarship program. Starting in January 2017, we will run our latest literacy program through our floating library project to 5 villages on the Kahayan and Rungan River.

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