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Child Friendly and Learning Center

To accommodate our growing book collection and need of a place to encourage learning activities, we built our first learning center/library in 2015. This project was made possible by the helping hands of our loyal supporters and donors. Our learning center and library is aimed as place where people can access books, join trainings, and conduct community meetings as well as other community activities. The library is designed to be children friendly.

Floating Library

There are many more villages on the Kahayan and Rungan River who face similar challenges as our pilot village at Kelurahan Petuk Katimpun. We are determined to also bring Ransel Buku service to the children of these remote villages. In July 2016, Bank Indonesia, granted our wish by funding the building process of traditional wooden boat (kelotok) as our floating library. This boat will fully operate in January 2017.

Scholarship for Children

In Ransel Buku we strongly believe; that it is not only the responsibility of parents or government but also us all to be able to help ensuring that these kids deserve the chance to improve their lives. We continue working on helping the economically challenged family with bright kids to go to high school with this program.

You can be involved in helping us supporting the children by joining our Scholarship Program with support as follows:

  • Yearly Support USD 541
  • ½ Year Support USD 271
  • 3 Months Support USD 136
  • Monthly Support USD 45

To participate in this program, please donate here.


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